Børns Vilkår


Snapchat is one of the most popular apps amongst kids today. But what is the app really about? Client: Børns VilkårPhotographer: Ida HoltetMusic Composer: Luke PomroyEditor: Tine Pia Jensen Watch all the films at:

Uluru in Chains

Australia’s much loved and sacred site is being climbed by tourists like ants, although it is highly disrespectful to the Indeginous owners, the Anangu. Director & Producer: Tine Pia Jensen Reporter: Mike Williams, ABC Music: Big Dust

Quit Biodiesel

Biodiesel can prevent CO2 from being released into the atmosphere but, if the feedstock used is palm oil from formerly forested land, it would take over 100 years of biodiesel production to make up for the loss of the forest. Director & editor: Tine Pia Jensen Produced for the organisation Forests of the World  (Verdens Skove).